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The Lemmings Games

If you know something which is missing here don't hesitate to tell me

The commercial games

All of them are published by Psygnosis.

They are available on numerous platforms: Amiga, Acorn Archimedes, Amstrad 464, Atari ST, Commodore C 64, Mac, Sinclair Spectrum 128k, Sinclair Spectrum 48k SAM Coupe, PC, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Atari Lynx, Nintendo Game Boy, NES, SNES, Sega Mega Drive (Genesis), Sega Master System, Sega Game Gear, 3DO, Amiga CDTV + CD32, CDi.

For demo versions take a look at the Demos section.

the original Lemmings game.
also called: Lemmings 1
includes 120 levels in 4 different ratings (Fun, Tricky, Taxing and Mayhem). The Amiga and Atari ST version has 30 extra levels for 2-player mode. I got information that SNES version has got an extra 5th rating called Sunsoft which seems to have at least 10 levels. For the Archimedes a different version running on the desktop in windows is available
Platforms: Amiga, Atari ST, PC, Mac, Archimedes. not sure about the levels: Nintendo (SNES, NES, DMG), Sinclair Spectrum (128K + 48k), C 64, ...

Oh NO! More Lemmings
similar to the original Lemmings
sometimes referred to as Lemmings 2.
100 levels in 5 different ratings (Tame, Crazy, Wild, Wicked, Havoc). Amiga and ST version with 10 two player levels. Again, there is an Archimedes windows version too.
Platforms: Amiga, Atari ST, Mac, Archimedes, PC, ...???

Lemmings for Windows
contains all the levels from the original game and Oh No! More Lemmings.
Platforms: Windows 3.1 with Win32S and WinG, is said to make trouble within Windows 95 - there will be a special version soon. WinG is not included in the distribution so download it (download, unzip it and run setup).

Lemmings for OS/2
This version might never get finished. Like the Windows version, this one includes the original levels and Oh No! More levels.
Platforms: OS/2

Lemmings 2 - The Tribes
much more different tasks available
Platforms: Amiga, Atari ST, Archimedes, PC, Nintendo - SNES, Sega Genesis & Sega CD, Sony Playstation... ? (MAC version has been canceled)

Christmas Lemmings '91 & '92
Holiday Lemmings is it's other name. Both versions are available for free. Platforms: Amiga, PC

Holiday Lemmings '94 and Holiday Lemmings '93
also called Christmas Lemmings
whereas the Holiday Lemmings before 1993 where free demo versions with only few levels these are full games. The '93 edition has got 32 levels and the '94 one 32 new one but includes the 1993 levels too.
Platforms: Amiga, PC, Mac

Lemmings 3 - The Chronicles
European name: All New World of Lemmings (the different names confused me a lot!). Enhanced graphics; style of game has been changed - I am still not really used to it but I haven't played it that much yet.
Platforms: PC, Amiga (AGA only)

Lemmings 3D
real 3D graphics. 20 training levels + 80 normal game levels. Warning: game control is quite hard to learn but still a lot of fun. I am currently in level 50 and hope that the last 30 levels will be a lot harder to solve.
Platforms: PC, Sony Playstation

Lemmings Paintball
totally different from the other Lemming games. In about 100 levels two teams of lemmings have to shoot each other with colour bullets. There is a two-player mode for networks.
Platforms: PC with Windows 95, Sony Playstation, MAC?

Freeware, Shareware, etc. games

Operation Lemmings
It is a Charityware game (like Shareware, but you pay the money to charity). It was written by Chris Foote for the Amiga. The game may show up here soon, so if you are interested keep looking here. The right one to play if you are really stuck on one of the levels or you just finished one you had to start over and over again.
Platforms: Amiga

HP 48 Lemmings
HP 48 S* version
HP 48 Lemmings. A Lemmings game for a 'pocket calculator' including a level editor. Germany, USA.
HP 48 G* version
Game [US] and Editor [US], Game [Finland] and Editor [Finland] (note: I could not verify these 2 links), Game [].
Platforms: HP 48
[Another Lemming]




Level Editors

A Lemmings 2 Level Editor for the Amiga arrived. It is written by Chris Hodges in 100% assemly language and needs Kickstart 2.05, OCS, harddisk, Lemmings 2 Harddisk version and is shareware. It is available on Aminet too (in Aminet/game/misc/Lem2LevEd103.lha). The editor should work with the UAE (U* Amiga Emulator) which is available for several systems.

The emulators will get their own section once I've got enough time. For now:

As the Amiga and PC levels differ a bit, Hermann Schinagl wrote a conversion tool for Amiga levels to PC ones.

If you want to start your own Lemmings 2 editor, Hermann Schinagl has written a Lemmings 2 - The Tribes level encoding/decoding program.


Psygnosis/Sony Interactive Studios

The Psygnosis Website Check this server for release dates, demos & snapshots and some hints and tech help.

Psygnosis USA (North America)

Write to

Their phone number is:

1(415) 655-5683    Monday - Friday 9:00 to 5:00 PST

Psygnosis UK (Europe)

Write to

Their mail address is:

Napier Court
Stephenson Way
Wavertree Technology Park
L13 1EH
United Kingdom

and here is their phone number:

(+44) 151-282-3333 (Psygnosis Helpline)
(+44) 151-282-3000

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